Zeus Pod Drives offer an unparalleled level of performance, manoeuvrability, safety and vessel systems control.

Very clear and precise claims for the Pod Drive system which Cummins Mercruiser Diesel,  and ‘Mercury Marine’ brought to the marine market.

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Many years of research and development by a number of well respected marine engine and transmission manufacturing companies produced an innovative and brilliantly engineered transmission and they are quick to point out the advantages;

  • Rear facing, tunnel mounted, drive assembly for unsurpassed safety.
  •  Truly amazing low speed manoeuvrability coupled with incredible high speed handling.
  • Better fuel economy than conventional drive systems, offering longer range at higher cruising speeds.
  • Integral, automated, trim tab system designed to offer optimum performance and visibility.
  • Reduced noise and vibration for a more pleasurable boating experience.
  • Joystick control system for stress free manoeuvring and docking.
  • Installation is simplified. No more shafts, ‘P’ brackets and cutlass bearings.
  • Dual propellers for more precise handling at lower speeds and greater efficiency at cruising speeds.

The team at Pilkington Marine Ltd have had experience with the Zeus Pod Drive system from the outset, and have the necessary training, knowledge and tooling to offer back up to any boat owner installing Zeus Pod Drives.

Very often, a quick telephone call will iron out any small difficulties which may be experienced.

As with any piece of machinery, regular, once a year, maintenance is essential for top performance, and once again, the crew at Pilkington Marine Ltd have the background knowledge and expertise to make it a hassle free experience.

The story of the Zeus Pod Drive will not stop here. Major marine manufacturing companies are becoming more and more involved in the development of the concept, well aware that this system offers a more flexible and controlled approach to seagoing.

It is likely that a commercial version of the Zeus Pod system will be developed in the future – Imagine what that will do for the handling of  Lifesaving Vessels, Tugs, Fishing Boats, Port Authority and Pilot Vessels – the marine applications of this system are virtually limitless.